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    We are truly proud of our customers and their amazing achievements. Most of them are leaders in their respective industry and we are convinced that brave decisions, challenging status quo and innovative ways of working have taken them there.
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    We have customers everywhere (almost)!

    It’s fantastic to work with business processes, low code applications and business development - because we get the opportunity to help clients in almost any kind of business and industry.

    These experiences enables us to nurture our clients with insights from different industries, new ways of working and innovations they maybe never heard of. One day we help a Retail company with processes within logistics, and another day we talk HR-processes for the public sector.

    Barium has empowered us in the business to prioritise which processes to digitise in order to mitigate waste, reduce processing time and improve our follow-up

    ?SA ?BERG

    Sales & Operational Development, Apoteket AB

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    We wouldn't have been able to achieve what we have if it wasn't for Barium Live. It has made it possible for us to, in a short period of time, develop around 25 applications that supports the business.


    Manager of the Financial department & the unit for Administrative Automation (AdmA) at Resource Centre, Region Uppsala

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    With the help from Barium and support from Barium Live we've been able able to achieve an IT support with a wide range of application areas across the business. Plus, we're able to get up and running instantly.


    Manager Business Support, Uppsala Vatten

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    One of the business applications VGR has created in Barium Live has become so successful that it's saving them almost 9 million SEK each year

    V?stra G?talandsregionen

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    The fact that we're able to react fast and efficiently cover gaps in our business processes without any major assistance from consultants is a huge win for us.

    Anders Gustafsson

    Business Developer IT, ONE Nordic

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    Barium is a catalyzer to drive digitization and transformation. The improved efficiency has freed up thousands of hours which we are now able to focus on value-adding tasks instead. We have, for example, reduced our lead times from 1.5 months to 2 weeks while at the same time increased delivery precision from 63% to as much as 99%!


    Application Manager, Selecta

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    It was a challenge to have individual and departmental assessments – therefore we were looking for a tool that could provide that kind of assessment and overview


    Special Advisor Internal Audit

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    Our members get a better overview and control and save enormous amounts of time. This web service streamlines their processes. Plus it’s much easier to use and more secure

    Sofie Roy-Norelid

    Previously manager at Fastighets?garna Sverige AB

    Its staff understood exactly what we needed and provided excellent service. Implementation went quickly and smoothly?—?in just one day we had the process in place.

    Julia Engdahl

    Rental Manager, Willhem

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