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    – enhance your offering
    The world is spinning faster than ever, our clients businesses runs even faster and as a vendor we need to be on our toes to deliver more value faster. Barium Live is provided in the cloud, this enables you as a partner to implement business processes in your client's business on the go. No need for upfront investments or hardware installations. Jointly with Barium, you can deliver mission-critical solutions in fractions of time compared with classical IT-projects.

    How about New Product Development Process deployed in 3 months globally, or Purchase and Investment request handling in 2 months throughout the world for a Fortune 500 company?

    We have the tool to digitize and automate business processes; and we are always looking for companies who can enhance our offering with cutting edge insights in niche domains, integrations or other value adding areas.

    Strengthen your offer

    Partner with Barium and get access to a low code platform in the cloud
    Knowledge & early access
    As a member of our network, you will be able to share knowledge in the community and you will also be briefed before our clients with new features and news about our platform. As a team we will be able to tackle bigger opportunities and more complex business problems. Together we will challenge the legacy vendors on blue chip companies and niche markets. Our partnership can be tight and intense or loose and opportunistic. It all depends on the situation.
    Partner Training
    In order to fully understand the capabilities and features of our cloud platform, we offer training and certification for companies in our network. Some partners prefer to be our “extended arm” whilst some companies just want to be friends or independent advisors. – we don’t have any fixed rules for our network. Training sessions can arranged on-demand and can contain: BPMN 2.0 Training Map2App – workshop taking you from process model to executable application 8 Omega – our project methodology Success Stories – see how Fortune 500 companies improve business in months instead of years

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