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    Barium digitize business processes to improve citizen satisfaction, cut costs and enhance quality and conformance where it matters the most

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    The way IT gets created has changed, they new way of creating powerful business applications is reality today. Use the Barium platform to enhance current ERP and legacy applications with our low code development platform. Don’t let your IT-budget, complicated sourcing strategies or complex IT-architecture be in your way for business improvement.
    Complement existing IT landscape
    Barium platform complements your existing business systems so that you can operate the digital change at a rapid pace without any restrictions from your legacy systems.
    Increase productivity and reduce administration
    Automate repetitive tasks and obtain regulatory compliance, efficiency and traceability
    Drive the digital transformation
    Utilize our platform and methodology as a catalyst of change. Let business run digitizing work on a platform created for them.
    Gain better visibility and control
    Create reports, get reminders and obtain full process compliance using our smart applications.

    Platform for e-government and digital processes

    Public sector faces intense pressure from many directions. Increased demands on customer and citizen satisfaction, efficiency, quality, equivalence and cost creates a need for new ways of working. It also leads to the need for new IT support system that is designed to address these challenges.

    At Barium, we have created a platform and a number of smart applications that help public sector (whether it be municipal, county or government agencies) to quickly digitize business processes - with or without integration to the surrounding business systems.

    Now it will be possible to implement improvements quickly through an innovative and agile way of creating applications. Now it's finally cost effective enough to be able to create applications on a “trial and error” approach. 

    These are some useful applications for public sector

    Onboarding of new employees

    Give new employees a head start where system privileges, business cards and training curriculum is organized from the first day.

    Contact Center and case management

    Create a hub for handling several different types of cases. Whether it's the contact centre facing citizens, internal purchase requests, service requests or processing behind your e-service platform.

    Read more about Contact Center

    Quality management

    Create your modern process-based management system, with a focus on quality, efficiency and process compliance. The platform can be applied for regulatory compliance within quality, safety, information security, etc.

    Learn more - Management System 

    Deviation handling and ideas for improvement

    Do not be content with capturing anomalies and enhancements digitally, continue to handle cases digitally throughout your operations. So that units, departments and administrations can improve and change.

    customer cases

    Barium help Karlstad municipality digitalize HR-processes

    Karlstad municipality is working hard to create an efficient but also attractive organisation that meets and exceeds its citizens need of great service from the public sector. When dealing with taxpayers money, municipalities need to find smart and digital ways to get things done. Especially when it come to HR-processes in such a labor intensive business. Thanks to Barium, new employees can now be onboarded fram day one and managers can be sure that everything is taken care of.

    Karlstad Kommun

    Residents: 87 000 Employees: 7500

    Departments: 9

    9 e-forms

    7 roles

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