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  • Improve customer satisfaction with better track of your processes

    Streamlining administrative processes and ensure that nothing falls between the cracks - with Barium you can put the customer first.
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    The way IT gets created has changed, they new way of creating powerful business applications is reality today. Use the Barium platform to enhance current ERP and legacy applications with our low code development platform. Don’t let your IT-budget, complicated sourcing strategies or complex IT-architecture be in your way for business improvement.
    Reduce administration
    Automate repetitive tasks while you digitize processes where compliance, efficiency and traceability become important.
    Make time to your customers' requests
    With smart features to ease everyday tasks, you will save time that could be put on better customer interaction and customer satisfaction
    Get better visibility and control
    Create reports, get reminders and receive a complete compliance process but using our smart applications.
    Boost your business systems
    Barium platform complements your existing property management system so that you can implement improvements and digitization of processes, regardless of your legacy. You can also consolidate the number of systems used by your organisation.

    Digital platform to complement and renew property management system

    Housing and real estate companies have reached an outdated systems park, partly driven by former suppliers who created lock-in effects due to an unwillingness to integrate with other systems. This has put a spoke in the wheels for real estate companies that want to digitize themselves. Barium makes it possible to add a layer on top of your property management systems, so that it is possible to digitize single or several business processes in a very short time. With the help of smart features, it is possible to create custom applications without customization, or long consulting project. Are you ready to streamline your processes and deliver a better customer value today?

    Smart applications for residential and commercial real estate companies

    Digitize purchasing

    Improved cost control and management by digitizing and standardizing the procurement process. Get process compliance, automation and improved traceability with improved monitoring.

    Management of rental matters

    Create smart e-services, and a user-friendly administration support to manage various tenancy cases that can be sent via the website or customer service. It is also possible to create a knowledge bank to respond quickly to recurring issues.

    Debt collection and payment issues

    If you use an external collection services, it is easy to set up processing flows where your departments can interact with the external administrators – so that you will have a single customer view. Integrate with your financial system, and you will be able to start up the flow automatically.

    Deviation handling

    If you lack good deviation support in your property management system, it is easy to set up flows for anomalies, enhancement requests and incidents.

    Management of the sublease, direct change and termination

    If your primary business is residential rental, it is easy to digitize and streamline the manual process of managing the rental business.

    Service request

    Easy and smooth handling of fault and service requests. Use our service request application if you want to create a simple e-service together with smart case management interface and mobile support.

    customer cases

    New Web Service Saves Time for Property Owners

    Fastighets?garna Sverige (the Swedish Property Federation) has launched a web service with more than 100 web-based forms, templates, standard contracts, and other documents related to rental apartments, condominiums, facilities, and industrial properties. The service, which is based on Barium Live has already thousands of users.

    “Our members get a better overview and control and save enormous amounts of time. This web service streamlines their processes. Plus it’s much easier to use and more secure,” says Sophie Roy-Norelid, Fastighets?garna Sverige.


    100 web-based forms

    5000 end users

    500 companies

    Barium Simplifies Housing Operation’s Administration

    Simpler, smoother payment administration and a quality-assured, standardized process in which all types of rent transactions are consistently managed. This happened after Barium quickly implemented a joint process for managing rental transactions for Willhem, a Swedish housing company. In addition, an external debt collection agency’s process is integrated into Willhem’s system.

    “We’re delighted with Barium,” says Julia Engdahl, rental manager at Willhem. “Its staff understood exactly what we needed and provided excellent service. Implementation went quickly and smoothly?—?in just one day we had the process in place.”


    Number of apartments: 25 000

    Areas: 13

    Employees: 200


    Reduced administration

    Secure handoffs

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